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Alloy Wheel Service Telford

We as a company offer a considerable amount of finishes. Not only full alloy wheel restoration but mobile services too.

There is no worse feeling than knowing you have just paid thousands for you new vehicle and within the first 100 miles you’ve then clipped the kerb and damaged the alloys.

Our company has designed many techniques to repair even the most valuable wheels on the market.

So even if you own a fiat or a Ferrari believe me we offer the same to all our customer’s across the Midlands.

We can repair fully powder coated alloys weather they are silver, grey, black, gloss or matt finished wheels.
With these finishes the wheels will be fully submerged in our chemical tanks for up to 4 hrs to remove all existing coatings.
From this they will be washed and dried to remove any contaminants before they would move on to our shot blasting department.

From here we then assess any damage to the wheels. This may be kerb damage or even flat spots as result of potholes within the road.

alloy wheel repair telford shrewsbury

Powder Coated Alloys & Colour Change

Most alloy wheels are powder coated in either silver, grey, black, or even bi-colour using a mix of 2 colours to achieve a more modern look.

We offer all of these at our centre in Telford.

We can repair wheels from small scuffs & scrapes to more major corrosion due to wear and tear.

From time to time you might find that the wheels on your vehicle may start to lose pressure & this may be as a result of corrosion which is set within the area that the tyre seals against. Firstly this means constant tyre re-inflation but could also result in tyre damage costing yet more money in replacement tyre’s.

With this we can offer full chemical stripping and re-coating the whole wheel giving them a new lease of life and guaranteeing you safe motoring and no more flat tyre’s.

Professional colour change alloy wheels that only our wheel respray specialists at Wheel Perfection can provide.

Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting

This type of repair is when a wheel is put on a CNC Lathe to completely re-dress the face and give it a whole new finish.

This is a time consuming repair but once finished the wheel does look stunning.

These wheels are also known as bi-coloured wheels.

alloy wheel repair telford shrewsbury
Polished alloy wheel repairs

Alloy wheel polishing

Polished alloy wheel repairs is a process that we use when your wheels have started to look poor due to road salts or as a result or kerb scuffing.

Lots of vehicle manufactures have now moved forwards in bringing in diamond cut wheels and also fully face polished alloys to make their models stand out from others.

Once these finishes break down due to acid based materials used to clean the alloys and also road salts they quickly deteriorate and start to look very poor very quickly, but we offer a fix for these wheels both mobile and at our service centre.

Motorcycle Alloys Refinishing

Now this is for the boys and their toys

We offer a range of finishes just aimed for motorcycles including hi Vis colours to make you stand out on poor weather days along with polished wheels or even a combination of the both to make you stand out in rain or shine.

These finishes really do give your bike the one off look you strive for or should I say ride for.
We have lots of hi Vis colours within our collection due to the fact we strive to achieve the best match possible to the leathers that keep you safe when motoring with your closest friend on sunny days.

All we ask is that you bring the wheels to us stripped of any mechanical parts and leave the rest to us!

alloy wheel repair telford shrewsbury
alloy wheel repair telford shrewsbury

Alloy Wheel Split Rim Re-builds

These wheels are mainly used on higher range models or composite copies of the BBS range. These wheels are of slightly more value and take a lot longer to refurbish but look stunning once replaced on the vehicle.

At our workshop we can take these wheels apart, some may be 2 piece or even 3 piece wheels.

All pieces are refurbished including stripping, blasting, powder coating and polishing also. They are then rebuilt, balanced and refitted with the tyre’s, TPS sensors or valves. Stunning wheels make a car look completely different and are well worth refurbishing this way.

Buckle & Flatspot Removal

Flat spots and buckles are a result of potholes within the road surfaces in which we drive on. We can avoid some but then others we don’t even see due to the weather conditions at the time.
These repairs can be claimed back from the local council in which the road or pothole is situated, so even though they can cause considerable damage you may not have to be out of pocket.
There is a set way in which you must go about claiming for these repairs so please ask for information from our staff regarding claims.


Buckles & flat spots are removed using a machine designed to undertake these exact repairs. We use certain tool attachments to manipulate and push the metal and wheel rims back into place. This can take minutes or even hours depending on the extent of the damage, this is determined by the Speed in which the vehicle was traveling at the point of impact or the Size of the hole in the road.

alloy wheel repair telford shrewsbury
alloy wheel repair telford shrewsbury

Cracked alloys as result of potholes

Cracked alloys can be welded. These repairs are as strong and in cases stronger than the original, cracks only appear because of pothole damage that is not addressed and fixed straight away.

These cracks are a result of vibration caused by the wheel leaving the road surface at speed. The wheel is no longer circular but more of egg shape.

This not being addressed can cause yet more damage to your vehicle and also an MOT failure.