Wheel Perfection Polished alloy wheel repairs service

Polished alloy wheel repairs diamond cutting involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the alloy wheel using our specialist lathing equipment.

Polished alloy wheel repairs diamond cut wheels can only be refurbished a few times as too much alloy would eventually be removed.

You may wish to consider our powder coat refurbishment as a durable and long lasting refurbishment method to increase the life of your alloy.

To identify if your wheels are diamond cut, is if the faces of the wheels are very shiny effect.

They also have painted inserts; these can be any colour, silver, black, how we diamond cut your alloy wheels is as follows:

  • Alloy wheels are placed in our acid bath until all the paint is removed.
  • We then jet wash the wheels to remove all the loose paint and acid.
  • Any damage is then removed using a number of methods.
  • Then wheels are then placed in our centre based oven and heated up.
  • We then prime the wheels and bake them again.
  • Primer is then ‘flatted off’ to ensure a smooth paint finish.
  • The wheels are heated up again and painted in your chosen colour and baked off again.
  • The colour you choose alloy will be visible on the insets of the wheels.
  • Spokes and edges are then ‘scored’ before being turned on the lathe.
  • Any sharp edges removed.
  • They are then heated up and lacquered to protect the polished metal alloy.
  • Then the wheels are left to cool before they have the tyres refitted.
  • We also balance the wheels before fitting them back to your vehicle.
Polished alloy wheel repairs

Our mobile vans can come to your chosen destination and remove the wheels from your vehicle or just drop in the centre.

Alloy wheel repairs Telford & Shrewsburry!

Wheel Perfection can refurbish your diamond cut and polished alloys quickly and to an amazingly high standard. Contact our team on 01952 680085 for more information.