What We Can Do?…….

Scuffed or damaged Alloy wheels

The most common alloy wheel repair is to scuffed or scratched rims, we can repair the damage and repaint your alloy wheel on site or at our centre on Halesfield, it’s a very quick and cost effective way to improve the look of your alloys.

Colour changes

This is fast becoming one of our more popular options, if you’re bored of the appearance of your alloys and you can think of a colour you’d like, chances are we can paint your wheels in that colour!

Rim/band polishing

Again with modern alloys this is a very popular service, gain as with damaged alloys we sort the damage for you but then the specialist machinery at our unit on Halesfield we can then re-polish the band or the whole face of your alloy to give you back that “bling” effect.


With the harsh British winters, moisture, cold and salt can damage your alloys to a point where you think there may be nothing you can do to them….wrong, bring them to us and we can shot blast them or in severe cases have them acid dipped to remove the worst of the bad paint and metal before we make them as good as new.

Dings and dents

Have you actually damaged your alloy wheel? hit a curb or other immovable object? even so hard that you may have cracked the alloy wheel? don’t worry these again are all services we can offer, we can straighten your alloy even weld any cracks and at a fraction of the cost of replacing an alloy/tyre.

Leaking beads

Sounds scary, but it isn’t, if your tyre won’t stay inflated and keeps going down the chances are it’s one of two things it can be caused by either, changes in temperature and humidity can actually cause the metal on the inside of your alloy wheel to corrode and then the tyre has nothing to create an effective seal or years of changing tyres can leave scratches and gauges inside your wheel invisible to you but again enough for air to leak out.


Give us a ring or pop into the unit for a competitive quote on your repair and get your car looking as good as new.